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Our Business....

Est. 2002 we are first a Solid State Lighting (SSL) company, and second a product design company.  This is ALL we do. Rest assured we have over 125 years of combined industry experience to produce the best-of-the-best products available on the market today. This includes many full-time RV owners, alpha / beta testers, and worldwide partners who make up our development team. We have been a Quartzsite RV Show Vendor since 2004 and sold the first RV LED Lamp at the Quartzsite RV Shows. We didn't only sell the first LED solution but over 3.6 MILLION LEDs and counting.
We really know and research Light Emitting Diodes a.k.a. LEDs. Our experience with them dates back to the early 1960's. As Solid State Lighting (SSL) experts in our field, we are always eager to share and bring out our innovative designs to our customers. We are a LED Luminaire Inventor and Patent Holder with extensive industry knowledge for a wide range of SSL products and services. These include both commercial and residential solutions. If you haven't heard of us till now, it's likely because we mostly work diligently behind the scenes with industry in a Business-to-Business (B2B) role. We typically always first develop proven solutions with large end-user / development partners before offering to the general public. We take pride in our processes and research. Our goal is to always properly ready the next generation of reliable and qualified LED products well ahead of offering them to you, our valued customers.
We are helping to define SSL standards that lead the industry forward.
Our Products...
All of our products are made in USA and lab safety tested whenever possible! Most notably we were among the first companies to design with modern flat surface mount technology (SMT) years ahead of the industry. We are currently into our 5th generation LED technology. Always fully protected Amps, Volts, Temperature, and Best-in-Class ANSI white hues.  In fact, we are one of only a few LED companies that recognize how to reproduce the same "color matched" white hue every time for a beautiful consistent illuminated RV interior--no matter how long its been since your last purchased. Above and beyond, we also utilize extreme thermal cooling in our designs, similar to our peers in the industry that manufacture "fan-less" solid billet aluminum computer laptops and notepads. Our experience and reliability knowledge is backed with a Lifetime Warranty. We expect no less, and neither should you since properly designed LED Luminaires should and will operate over a lifetime of 50,000+ hours.
Mon - Fri:    8am - 5pm (AZ time)
Sat - Sun:   Closed
Showroom:  By Appointment Only
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